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Latest update 8th Sept 2013

Five months since the website was last updated. We are ashamed and, at the same time, pleased. Clearly we have not been slaves to geekdom and have been getting on with work on the house.

Not much to show for it though. There are four new sets of photos but we ain't done no writing.

We apologise for the new spartan format of the website but we feel it is in keeping with the austerity with which we are faced. There is also the fact that I'm creating it as I go along with a scant knowledge of HTML and using OpenOffice as my editor

By choice we have lived in an old draughty house without insulation or heating, with water from a well of unproven profundity, a 15 amp electricity supply and neighbours who we have difficulty understanding.


You try to but a piece of farming land in England with a house on it at a reasonable price! OK so it's a doer-upper and we have opted to live in while we do up rather than the perhaps slightly more pragmatic approach of living in a caravan alongside.

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